Vincenzo Ferrara MD

Medical Doctor
Chief of Department of
Urology and Minimally
Invasive Urological Surgery

Welcome in my website
My name is Vincenzo Ferrara and I'm a Urologist.

Here you will find  information on some urological diseases and several videos where my aim is to show the work I do.
I'd like to present the philosophical side of being a doctor and this is where most of my therapeuitc choices have come from.
Galeno (129-216) stated that the best physician is also a philosopher a concept which is the basis of the famous Hippocratic Oath and the writings of great doctors in antiquity such as Sushruta (Indian 11 century BC- 11 century AD) and Maimonide (Maroccan jew- 1138-1204). It was established that “respect for the sanctity of man” as an ethical base for the medical profession. This is what has always guided me professionally pushing me in a relentless pursuit of how to reduce the agressiveness of my surgical techniques wanting to heal as much as possible while respecting the physical and psychological integrity of the patient.

In the 1980's with these thoughts in mind I set out to learn endoscopical techniques  under the guidance of   Prof. P.P. Paoletti and after Dr. A. Rippa, (which didn't involve cutaneous incisions) to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy, urethral strictures, tumours of the bladder, ureteral and kidney stones. In the beginning of the 1990's the world's first surgical procedures were performed with the laparoscopic technique (surgery performed through small holes rather than surgical incisions). I began to learn the basics and in 1992 began practicing by first operating on pigs in Bologna,Trieste and Paris. Finally in 1993 I performed my first laparoscopic operation for malignant disease on man, working with Dr. D. Sagrini who was my consultant at that time. Since then I have performed over 1,000 laparoscopic surgeries for malignant diseases in surrenal glands, kidneys, prostate and bladder and also malformations of the urinary tract. The experience gained from this technique gave me an idea for a new surgical instrument, thanks to which I have reduced even further the number of access points on the patient's abdomen and at this time I'm one of the few in the world who performs the removal of a cancerous prostate (radical prostatectomy) through a single cutaneous incision of 2,5cm (technique known as LESS) For the last three years I have also begun performing radical cystectomies laparoscopically (surgical removal of cancerous bladder) Obviously all this has been made possible by the exceptional collaboration given to me every day from my team of fellow Urologists and nurses and I thank them. All this hardwork and effort hasn't stopped me doing sport such as tennis, skiing and football, having a love of music ( I play the guitar. saxophone and piano) and reading (poetry, novels etc). I have some great friends and above all a wonderful family, my mother, my wife, two marvellous children and not forgetting the cat! Without them I would never have accomplished all of this. Grazie per esserti collegato su questo sito e buona visione!

Thanks for visiting this site and I hope you find it interesting.
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